The depth of life wisdom that Dr. Christine offers is unsurpassable, and for such an affordable rate! The opportunity to do deep work in concentrated time frames instead of multiple office visits makes the healing process so much faster!
— RH, Oceanside, CA

At OmMami, you get truly personalized holistic medicine for every family member.  

Your services can be as simple or as elaborate as your needs dictate.  

We can work together with a basic acupuncture plan or we can construct a detailed care plan involving any of the following services.

All Services Include a clear plan of action and accountability.

It is truly a thing of beauty. 

Holistic Lifestyle Design

This service is for when you are looking to really dive deep into all aspects of your health and wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Patients often describe it as similar to their experiences with a life coach only more medically oriented.  This service includes nutritional analysis as well as education around Eastern philosophy and how to incorporate mindfulness practices into a busy modern life.


Utilize this service to gain deeper understanding of specific topics in holistic health or to create an individualized medical qigong prescription exercise plan to address current needs and maintain greater levels of energy and vitality. You can learn meditation and mindfulness techniques or how to use the Five Elements to better understand your personality and health (and those of your family!). Dr. Christine will tailor each lesson specifically to you and your interests. 

This service can be as one on one private lessons or in a group setting with friends or family.  Some topics available in an online format. 


Both adult and pediatric services.  Dr. Christine has done extensive training at the Center for Acupuncture Pediatrics and loves offering this unique service so families can thrive together! Children love their visits and it is not uncommon for siblings to argue over who gets to go first! We have special pediatric “taps” we use and also lots of non-needle techniques which are effective in achieving results as well.  It is incredibly safe, very fun, and, most importantly effective!

This service includes cupping, moxa, and guahsa as needed. 


Nutrition Analysis

This service includes evaluation of current diet, supplements, and herbs as well as an updated prescription and suggestions based on your current goals. (Cost of any herbs or supplements is an additional charge)


Medical Qigong Treatment

Often described as 'Acupuncture without Needles', this powerful form of energetic healing is wonderful on it's own or in combination with acupuncture. It is especially beneficial for balancing the emotions. 



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Speak directly with Dr. Christine and see what a good fit you are together. 

I love when I can support parents and their children at the same time. Something magical happens when families focus on their health and wellness together! 
— Dr. Christine
Christine has helped me find an endless amount of potential in the betterment of my overall health. Her skills and knowledge are of great value and I highly recommend her
— Ashley, Carmel, CA.