It’s hard to believe after years of going to many different doctors to try and gain wellness that I could finally find a physician as attentive, as caring, and as qualified as Christine. She has renewed my faith in the physician-patient relationship, and has brought me quickly into a level of health and vitality that I didn’t know was possible. Christine is truly a wonderful and gifted healer!
— Angela, California

“Christine, I  have never been able to reverse an oncoming bout of asthma until last Friday. I came to you at a point when traditionally I simply surrender to what it will become. One visit from you not only had me breathing easier by the time I left your office, I was actually able to completely reverse what would normally become a 7-day knock-down where I would have been out of commission. Thank you so much for both the treatment and your sage advice as to what might be the root  cause of my asthma. You are truly a master at what you do!”
— Jane Deuber, Carmel

Christine’s compassion and expertise in her field has helped me along my healing journey more profoundly than I had ever imagined. She exudes both warmth and professionalism which is a rare but essential combination for treating a client such as myself. I’ve seen many practitioners for my health concerns, but none have had even a fraction of the success that Christine has helped me to achieve. No matter how badly I may be feeling when I enter the center, I ALWAYS leave feeling more centered, uplifted, and rejuvenated. A treatment with Christine is like a mini healing oasis of peace and calm in my very hectic day.
— Kim, Monterey

Dr. Christine Sanmiquel is a gem! Her specific knowledge of children, parenting and pediatric acupuncture is impressive. She is warm, calm and accepting of children’s changing moods and comfort levels. She has multiple ways to treat her patients at their lead. My children took to the needles right away, but also love the other tools she has such the “blinky light” so they plan out their treatment choosing points with needles and points with the light. All of the methods work beautifully and having those options really gives the children a feeling of control over their treatment. You’d never expect children to be excited for needles, but Christine helps them feel at ease and in control and it’s quite a thing to witness. Both of my boys, ages 3 and 6 are excited for and enjoy their treatments and time spent with Christine.

The book she recommended, “Heal Your Child From The Inside Out” by Robin Ray Green has been wonderful for me as I learn more about balancing our elements and how these elements make up each one of us. Discovering the dominant elements for each child has led Christine to choose herbs to support him seasonally. It’s a mind, body, soul approach to health and we feel so blessed to have found her.

And house calls.....Seriously the best thing ever! With two kids and our open hours often being time no one wants to be on the road, having someone come to our house has been amazing for us. The kids are comfortable in their space and the convenience allows us to easily fit treatments into our schedule. I also love that Christine can observe my kids in their element as we chat so they don’t feel watched and since I have two children being treated, one can wander off to play while the other has his turn. It’s so smooth and easy!
— JB, Aliso Viejo, CA
“Christine Sanmiquel LAc has helped me find an endless amount of potential in the betterment of my overall health. An outstanding listener with exceptional advice that has always taken great care in my well being. Her skills and knowledge are of great value and I highly recommend her for anyone’s health concerns.”
— Ashley, California
After being diagnosed with PTSD, it was recommended to me to look into acupuncture as studies have shown how acupuncture can be very effective for patients with PTSD and anxiety. I was referred to Christine a couple of years ago, I was in a really bad place when I went to see her, and to be honest I did not know how acupuncture would be helpful or what to expect. The treatment that I received from Christine was beyond my expectations, each time I would see her she listened to me and made me feel so comfortable and I looked forward to every appointment.

Christine is kind, patient, professional, knowledgeable and incredibly gifted. Although I went in to receive acupuncture, I got so much more than that. She took the time to teach me additional tools and techniques that I can use in my day to day life, she helped me tremendously and brought me back to feeling normal again, mentally, physically and emotionally. I can honestly say that it was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself and my recovery, and I don’t know what I would have done without her! I have and will continue to recommend her.
— Sarah, Monterey
It brings me such joy to write about Christine Sanmiquel. There is much to be said about Christine as an individual and as an doctor. First and foremost, Christine will always greet you with her warmth and kindness. It is easy to feel her balanced soul and I find just being by her side very grounding. Her voice is gentle and her precision when it comes to acupuncture is superior.

Christine has been working with my 8 month old son who has a challenging case of eczema with severe itchiness. One can observe how delicate she is towards my son when she treats him with acupuncture. I love how she will talk to him, inquire his thoughts, and explain to him what she is doing during her treatment. During the treatment he is curious, engaged, and accepting of her tender touch. Then after every session, he is always noticeably more calm. Throughout our whole process thus far, Christine has patiently answered my countless questions about her course of action and herbal remedies. Furthermore, she spent additional time to explain the source of the herbal remedies she prescribed my son and how I can be assured of its quality and safety. Because I am breastfeeding my son, Christine has also been treating me, as she sees us two as one entity. Like for my son, she focuses on the whole individual, aiming to restore balance. Additionally, Christine is knowledgeable, yet will not cease to continue her research and turn to colleagues for medical query. She has dedicated time to gain a deeper understanding of both eczema as well as how my health can influence my son’s skin.

I must side track and note how amazing it has been to have Christine coming to see us at my home! She has even helped to play with my 5 year old daughter when it’s my turn to receive treatment. My daughter, who is very sensitive to touch and weary of needles, has grown to adore Christine and recently asked if “Christine can be her doctor”. She will soon be treating my daughter who has had lifelong issues with weight gain and poor sleep quality.

My son’s skin is almost clear and his itching is beginning to subside. I can finally now put a short sleeve on him and not have to worry that he will scratch his own skin until he bleeds. We are so appreciative of Christine’s time and effort in helping my son get better, aim to restore balance in my health, and earn my daughter’s trust and acceptance towards acupuncture. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask Christine for my contact information. I’d be more than happy to talk more in depth about my family’s wonderful experience with Christine.
— Sha Li, San Juan Capistrano

There is nothing better than to have a well trained, knowledgable, caring practitioner come to your home to tackle your Eastern medicine needs!! Christine listens to your needs and hears what you may not know you need by listening to your body. She has helped all 7 members of our family. She is so connected, she knows what we need before we do. My kids love the treatment and look forward to seeing her and hearing what she has planned for them. House calls make our life so much easier and help us become better in our search to be better!
— LG, Ladera Ranch, CA.